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Clinique has always been a household name since forever in my book... I remember working part time during weekend to get their 3 Steps range, which my bff will gladly vouch for, and definitely cost a fortune for students like me at that time x_x Their reputation and signature 3 steps is recognize worldwide and people has been using their formula for years, so being a part of Clinique event is like reminiscence of the past for me, hee~

color me rainbows =)

Well, I decided to join the Clinique Star Tour this year after reading Fatin rave about the last year gig, I did felt very2 old though, the event were swarmed by teenage girls but seeing their excitement and interest in makeup is another thing, I felt dejavu all over again, remembering my introduction to makeup 10 years ago, wink2

Back to the Clinique Star Tour, I choose Pavilion, due to it's convenience location for me, and I'm so glad I didn't arrived late coz the crowd were getting bigger and bigger, and I arrived just in time before the lunch rush, the weather doesn't look that good though, I secretly wish the rain won't stop these girls enthusiasm...

among the early birds ^_^

Firstly, upon sign in, we were given a form to complete our personal details and after that we were ushered to the magic truck for our skin consultation from the Clinique team. They were very2 helpful and hands on, teaching me the right way to apply skincare and taking their time in explaining every single curiosity that I had =)

filling up all the blanks @_@

I was then suggested to make a slight change to my current 3 steps regime, I'm currently using the type 3 set btw, but due to my sudden acne volcanic eruption (which I'm happily put the blame on choc again =P), the Clinique expert asked me to consider switching to Anti Blemish range or at least use the moisturizer and the spot treatment to keep the nasty acne at bay =)

beauty is skin deep n_n**

After that, we were lead to the hair styling section, and professionals from Miko Galere, began doing their magic and change all the participants from girl next door hair to the next top model hairdo, wink2 Since I'm wearing scarf, I decided to bypass the hair styling session but I did enjoying myself a bit too much looking at all the creative energy from the hair expert, they effortlessly create a new person with every stroke and touch, this is definitely why I love makeover!!! @_@

mane-over =P

Next, we were taken to the makeup booth, and the Clinique makeup team taking over the makeover process and complete the transformation. Among the stuff that was applied to me are clinique supermoisture foundation, airbrush concealer, blended face powder, colour surge eye shadow in cherry blossom, quickliner in dark chocolate, lash power volumising mascara in black onyx, fresh bloom all over color in peony and also vitamin c lip smoothie antioxidant lip color in mangothan. I'm seriously a control freak, I had to restrain myself from doing the makeup myself, hahaha =D

kiss and make up ^_~

And soon after the makeover, we were given the chances to fulfill our secret dream of being a supermodel from the professional photographer!!! My pics didn't turn up very well though, I'm having difficulties to strike poses when I was dictate by someone else, and I dare not to show you guys my pic, it looks so unnatural and so not me, hahaha =D Now I realize it first hand that the supermodel life is not all sugar, spice and everything nice, it's kind of hard too~ x_x

1,2, pose!!! @_@**

After done with the photography session, it's time to picking up the goodie bag, yeay!!! You can get all the products information here too, the Clinique staffs are more than happy to assist your need =) And they also provide special section to download your pics here and access the internet, it's pretty much everything you could ever asked for, sweet n_n

freebies and goodies ^_^**

stay connected even when you're in a beauty mission =D

Here's my look after the makeover, my camera is not very sharp, so you can barely see my makeup in this pic, but did you guys noticed my brow??? I'm lovin' it, it made me somehow look quite different, edgier and a little sexier perhaps??? Or is it my wishful thinking? hahaha =D

brow-mance me if you can, wink2

Last but not least, lets take a sneak peek in the goodie bag, it's the 3 steps miniture + Clinique Super City Block sample size + Mini mascara and also Miko Galere RM30 vouchers, weeeeeee~ @_@ Now I'm looking forward for the next year Clinique Star Tour and I guess I should start practice my supermodel pose from now on, heehee =P

cool stuff we bring back home =)

** pics credit to Clinique Star Tour 2011 website


  1. wahh... Ayna... u r so into make up..
    why not.. jadi mak andam pulak.. :))

  2. heehee, stkt makeup my sis n close friends i berani la, takut x santek pulak bile makeup org lain, hahaha =D


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