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Do you enjoy online shopping as much as I do? Who doesn't right? I don't have to worry about getting ready, parking, wasting hours in traffic and of course the giddiness I feel whenever I received my purchase, it's what makes me even more addicted to online shopping! I admit I do go overboard sometimes but to justify all that, I'm now buying for my son too so basically I'm not as guilty as charged, lol Over the time, I've learn few tips and tricks especially when it comes to shop for my little one essential stuff which I'll explain more in my upcoming blog post and one of them is definitely my favorite online baby store;

If you never heard of before, it's actually Malaysia's top parenting marketplace dedicated to guide parents through their parenting journey from maternity, baby to kids. Not only that, they also have motherhood community that consists of baby and kids shop and services to engage and inspire parents with useful guide and tips. They have the largest and most trusted vendor in Malaysia under their wing to offer you the best online shopping experience that covers from diaper, baby food, nursing care, home safety, baby wear, maternity care, supplements, baby carriers, bedding, nursery, toys and so much more!
Soapsox Tank The Shark 
RM50.00 [RP : RM59.89]
Fisher Price LNL Infant Smart Stages Scooter
RM179.90 [RP : RM199.89]

My Dear Go Go Bus
RM102.40 [RP : RM128.00]

I've got my eyes on tons of stuff at especially these 3 cute toys I've listed above and with the Merdeka Sale they're currently having at the moment, it's really the perfect time to get my hands on them. You can get RM45 off with every RM300 purchase made and also free shipping on top of that! That's not all, there are also massive sale going on all over the site so you'll get great bargain to shop for all things baby without having to move an inch. For more information and update about their promotions, get connected with through their official sites below & until then, happy weekend lovelies, adieu~


  1. yang shark tu comel sangat haha.. i rasa i nak utilise yg merdeka sale coupon tu nak buat stock beli baby supplies alang2 :)

    1. itulah nak bg Ammaar distracted ms mandi kalau x sibuk nak cuci toilet sekali, hahaha =D Sama lah kite, I pun nak stock up gak, sementara byk promo ni =)


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