Drastic Fantastic...

Lately, I'm having the "retro rock" phase, and I'm not sure it will go anytime soon =)... This is my current obsession besides cheese cake... ^_^ I discovered KT while listening to the Grey's Anatomy soundtrack last year (which is very very very good by the way =P), and fell in love with her accoustic version of "The Universe & U" taken from her Accoustic Extravaganza album...

Since then, I've been a fan of her music especially her latest album which really brings the inner rock chick in me =P.... I think her music appeal to both male and female as it's really catchy, stylish and rockish, hehhhhe =P I love all the songs in this album but my personal favorite are Little Favor, Saving My Face, Funnyman & If Only... I really envied her husky voice and guitar skills... If only I'm half good as that, I'll definitely play guitar all day long, hehhhe... =)

p.s : great songs for your bad day ^_~

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