Change me if you can...

Lots of things happened recently around the world (the Obama phenomenon, the economic crisis,etc) but unfortunately, I'm still the same old me... Don't get me wrong, I change my moods all the time and get bored easily but I rarely do big changes in life... I hate changes and try as I might, can't never let myself be someone else for anybody else... which is why I'm still single till now, hehhehe ^_^ To love and be loved for who you really are is the greatest thing ever... so guys, if you ever stumble and come across someone who love the real essence of you.... don't let them out of your sight =P (seriously, this is the person you really can count on in the rainy days... ) In honor of the coming new year; I have listed the changes I've made throughout this year-2008:-
  • Get my ears pierced - I've wanting to get my ears pierced since forever but didn't really have the guts to do it, hehhhe =P thanx to my sis, Kak Zura I finally been forced to get it done... It's very2 painful, felt like your ears have been staple with stapler, totally dreadful =(
  • Working out - I try to run at least once a month, hehhe =P still long way to go~
  • Cut my daily tea intake - I drink way too much tea, more than "the english people" drink tea apparently.... I'm so addicted to tea, hehhhe =P
  • Change my literacy preference - as I'm getting older, I guess I need to read more grown up books... and I'm too embrassed to read chic-lit in public anymore, hehhhe =P
  • Be more happy and content with my life - I try my hardest to seek for my own happiness.. it sure doesn't come easily =( but I've finally come to terms with what I've got and be grateful for whatever I already have =)
I wish 2009 will bring many great things for me and all that dearest to me.... ^_^

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