My not so new year resolution...

The new year is just around the corner & It's hard to believe how fast the time flies this year... I wish this time around, I can fulfill all the promises I've made to myself even if it will definitely kill me to do it... =P This is, my 2009 resolutions:-
  • Saving money instead of spending it... (very2 tough one ;P)
  • Learn how to swim... (no lifeguard to save me from drowning, hehhe =D)
  • Learn how to cook... (I might need to reconsider this one~)
  • Learn how to play guitar... (anyone???)
  • Bungae jumping... (I really2 excited to do this!!! =P )
  • Join dancing class...(hehhe, I have to look for the ultimate "partner in crime" first =D)
  • Get myself a nice boyfriend... (huh~ why I always end up with self centered men??)
  • Join a marathon ??? (I need to work out first la... =P)
  • Lead a healthier and happier life... (amin~)
Wish me luck, guys ... ^_^

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