Miniature disaster...

I've always teased my sis, Tqah for being "the love guru" (her friends call her all the time seeking for her love advice, hehhe =P) Apparently, I'm kind of tangled up in the similar situation.... and unfortunately, I think I've made it worst... (errr, plz don't kill me guys!! =P) both sides happened to be my friends and I'm kind of caught in the middle... one of them is my bff since 10 years ago, N and her bf, G is my classmate in college... they have on and off relationship all these years and one day, my foolish mouth unintentionally said to G that N is seeing someone else without knowing that N and G is still pretty much still together... 

Bless her heart, N forgive my honest mistake but G can't seem to let it go... I always have blind faith in people that I love, but I do understand N reasons for the love affair... It's not that I'm biased because N have been with me through thick and thin all these years but sometimes, men just don't get it that we are human too... We can't help made mistakes along the way but there's no way to simply judge us without looking at the heart of the matter...

This remind me of my favorite book, Picture Perfect by Jodi Picoult... about Cassie who have to live with her husband, Alex which might seems to be perfect to the whole world but have a deep and dark side underneath... His abused childhood have made him emotionally scarred and mentally destroyed.The constant torment she have to endure have lead her to do an unforgiven act to Alex and was blamed for by others but what have finally drove her to do that? Man, of course... So, what I'm trying to say here, everything happened for a reason... What we seen or heard, could have fooled us all... If you want to salvage the damage, just "don't look back with anger" (love this song very much =P)

p.s : Good luck guys!!! and excused my not so sound advice, love you both, hehhe ^_^

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