Uphill and above...

I can't get enough of One Tree Hill... Especially the 5th season, with the arrival of sweet Jamie Scott, hehhe ^_^ the first 4 seasons are quite dramatic but season 5 is more realistic and believable... Eventough I'm soooo over Chad Michael Murray like 3 years ago, I still think the show have a huge appeal with the new additional to the cast (the cute bartender@Tric =P) and fantastic soundtrack!!! The show continue their previous tradition by featuring lots of promising new artist and cool bands!!!
Lovin' it especially all the song in episode 8 (when Lucas proposing to Lindsey and broke Peyton's heart, sob2 T_T) Love 800x Kate Voegele - I Won't Disagree... Can't wait to watch the rest of the season!!! The season 6 already airing in U.S... I'm soooooo left behind la =( need to catch up with Gossip Girls and Grey's Anatomy some more... I'm so lazy lately, hehhehhe =D
Gambate Ayna!!! ^_^

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