My Love & Hate Relationship with Chocolate...

I used to be a chocoholic... A very2 bad one in fact!!! I eat all kind of chocolate including the one using for baking cakes... =P In college, I even eat them for breakfast... I eat them when I'm happy, sad, boring, glad or I'll find another reason just to devour it... (bad habit, I know =P) I can't explain it, but it almost like a drugs to me, hehehhe ^_^ It's not only served as my guilty pleasure,it is also my secret escape world. I feel absolute happy and content when I eat chocolate...

Unfortunately, like
kryptonite,it also comes with other bad stuff to me besides "high sugar level"... I suffered severe case of acne because of my chocolate eating habit... That's when I decide, enough is enough, I have to do something about it !!! I stopped my daily chocolate consumption and substitute it with healthier food... Little by little my bad habit, leave me in peace... And nowadays, I'm proud to call myself a reformed chocoholic~ ^_^ I only eat them when I really really really really need to... (like when "I'm too depressed to live" moment...) Which thankfully, is so rare these days... ^_^

So, for those who want to get rid of your bad habit this year, I definitely understand how you felt... =) Begin with baby steps, and slowly work your way up to achieve your goals... Every effort you put into it will definitely paid off later if you are determine and strong enough to resist all the temptations ^_^ Gambate, guys !!!

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