Run baby run...

I don't know exactly what have comes over me but when my lil sis, Un dared me to join their school merentas desa program, I just smiling and said of course I'll do it... (my pride is at stakes here, okey =P) And my mum, successfully convinced me lots of outsiders usually participate in this kind of activity... Because I'm in situation where I can't exactly back down, I waiting anxiously for "d-day" to come... The last time I do long distance run (by run I didn't exactly mean run, hehhe =P) is in my high school sports day in 1998 or 1999, which I didn't really finished because erm....I'm injured? Hehhhe =P (To tell you the truth, I'm not exactly injured that day, just swept away by the cute PBSM guy on duty, hahahha =D)

So, I'm not sure what to expect and going crazy looking for suitable shoes~ Finally, I decided to wear my dad oversize shoes, eventhough I knew I'll look weird but I guess I've to choose comfort over style for my run... After watching all the kids ready for the whistle, I starting to get cold feet because I just realized, I'm the only adult in this race... ^_^ And my effort to blend in with them seems worthless because my hot pink pants can be easily spotted miles away... (the teachers call me seluar merah, LOL) It's the only decent workout pants I own, by the way... =P

The girls I'm about to overtake, hahhha =D

I let all the kids have the head start to avoid being the center of attraction, hehhhe =D Of course, it is not a wise decision because now all of their attention are focused on me, arghhh~ Determined to complete the race, I just ignore all their stares and run like I've been chased by a demon ^_^ I managed to overtake about 20 kids before I settled for just walking... I'm still busting with energy and eager to show-off my achievement so far to Un... I continued my run and stumbled with Un classmate... She's still ahead of me but I believe I can catch up with her very2 soon... So, I run and run and motivated all the girls who looks like they want to gave up to run along with me...

Un trying to get ahead of me, hehhe =D I'm coming, girl ^_^

She finished all my water too~

Finally, I've seen Un in front of me... She absolutely surprised to see me get this far ahead and try to outwit me again, hehhhe =P This race ain't over yet, girl~ I run some more and flirted a little with the cute teacher on duty, hehhe ^_^ (I'm bored, okey =P) I managed to get a few snaps in between, and resumed my run to the finish line... I let Un go ahead of me (and the right to brag) and after almost 5 km walk/run, I finally done it!!! I felt happy, excited beyond belief and totally proud of my own accomplishment, hehhhe ^_^ I'll definitely do this again... (after I get myself a cute and functioning running shoes la, hehhhe =D)

My very2 exhausted and sweaty pose, hehhe ^_^

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