Oxy doxy...

Happy Chinese New Year to all the chinese out there... ^_^ The things that I love the most about Chinese New Year are the angpow, oranges and fancy lion dance, hehhhe =P Too bad, I don't get any angpow la, hehhe =P Since KL is very lengang today, me and my lil' sis (un & syiqin) decided to hang out and wasting our time @ Pavillion...

Due to my almost broke situation T_T , we just spend on lunch and dessert... After that, we enjoying the wonderful decoration and taking few pictures... =P They have very gorgeous cherry blossom trees all over the place... So Japan-ish la, suki desu ^_^ they also have a huge Golden Ox display at the entrance as well... I'm not sure whether to call it an ox, bull or cow... aren't they all the same thing? whatever la, hehhhe =P It do look nasty and mean though... =_= What do you think?

Flower girls... ^_^

Which one is scarier? The ox or the guard? Hehhhe =D
The touch of luck... (at the tail? LOL =P)
Matador is M.I.A... ^_^

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