The Joke Is On Me...

I'm royally pissed at someone right now... I knew this is so gonna happened and I can't believe I actually thought this time its gonna be any different... After wasting all my time and effort, do I felt happy? appreciated? sooo NOT !!! should I just settling? I knew I deserved something better... And to think that I've been blinded and fooled again, really2 make me felt stupid !!! I need a diversion so badly or I would probably kill "the person"... argghhhh~ =_=

This is too much for me, I should have draw the line from the very start and show "the person"
who is in charge here !!! Nobody messed with me and get away with it !!! "The person" is so gonna pay for this... Be it today, tomorrow or next year... Whatever it takes, baby... I will paid them back (tenfold?, hehhhe =P) Enough about "the person", whose very name can turn me into my evil witch mode right now... This is so not me, I need to work on my anger management from now on la~ Bear with me, okey !!! ^_^ I need my chocolate~ =(

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